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The Europe-wide applicable German standard DIN EN 1090 is a technical set of rules for the certification of in-company production control during the production of load-bearing constructions. The previous German standard DIN 18800-7 for the execution of load-bearing components parts made of steel and the rules for manufacturer qualification has been replaced by German standard DIN EN 1090.

Within the required certification of WPK, the requirements of the previous manufacturer qualification for welding of load-bearing components parts has been extended to all important processes in the production of these component parts. The prerequisite for CE conformity marking is a so-called conformity assessment. Its significant elements are:

  •  Certification of the in-company production control (WPK)
  • Quality assurance for HV screw connection
  • Quality assurance for corrosion protection
  • Introduction of welding quality standard ISO 3834
  • Implementation of the execution standards EN 1090-2/-3
  • Initial inspection: Statistics, qualification of the welding processes
  • Welding instructions have to be available (except EXC1)
  • Certified welder and welding seams
  • Non-destructive tests (except EXC1)
  • Documentation and test records
  • Certification and auditing by a certification body

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