bissinger Behälter-und Stahlbau aus Zaberfeld

Quality by tradition

1969Company foundation under the name of Heinz Bissinger Behälter Stahl und Heizungsbau
Handrail construction
Residential building
Crane rails
Steel constructions
Chutes and bunkers for gravel industry
1971 Building of the Zaberfeld works
as from 1972Change of the portfolio
Sand and gravel loading facilities
Lorry loading silo plant with conveyor
Walkway across the silos with view of the surroundingsg
Ready plaster plants all over the world
Dust extraction for concrete mixing plants for conveyors and belt feeders
Loading nozzle (lorry loading)
Silo drainage pipes 
1976 – 1977Development – export silo
Development of the first type of filter/strong>
1980 – 1990 Concrete mixing plants – serial production of containers for the building industry
1990 – 2000Extension of the portfolio into the field of environmental engineering and the secondary fuel
2005Company handover and name change to Bissinger Behälter- und Stahlbau GmbH
2014Certified in conformity with German standard DIN EN 1090
2015Ten-year company jubilee under the management of Thomas Neher as managing director

Member of the DVS Society